Blog By Geeta Kora

Geeta Koda, MLA, Jagannathpur, inaugurated the centre in the presence of R P Mali, chief, Noamundi, Tata Steel; K C Das, head, administration (OMQ), Tata Steel; Allen Kim Joseph, unit head, Tata Steel Rural Development Society; and Manju Hessa, village head, Katepada. The Katepada centre is the fifth such centre in Jagannathpur block. Tata Steel has partnered with Aspire, a Delhi-based NGO working in the field of education, to run the project. The NRBC centre identifies school dropouts and aims to mainstream them in the formal school system. This is done after addressing their learning gaps in a one-year programme, where they are taught at the centre by trained Aspire teachers. These centres will serve as a bridging point between school and community for those children who are ‘out of school’ or involved in child labour. Speaking on the occasion, Ms Koda said, “This project will help the children to join formal education and serve the community at large.” In his address, Mr Mali spoke about the responsibility of the parents in ensuring their wards attended school regularly to climb greater heights in life.