Today Diary

Protesting against low wages

Mrs. Geeta Kora joined the TPL company working in Novamundi Tisco supporting the rights and rights of workers and protesting against the workers for payment of low wages to them. Along with the laborers, Mrs. Geeta Kora marched from Novamundi Bazaar to the General Manager's Office, Tisco, Novamundi on foot to meet the General Manager. Meeting with them, the TPL company expressed its indignation over the payment of wages to the laborers at a low wage rate and demanded a proper action on the demand letter from the General Manager, TISCO as soon as possible, along with handing over the five-point demand letter. After a few hours at Sangramsai TPL Campus Mrs. Geeta Kora held a joint meeting with the Superintendent of Labor, Tata Company representatives, TPL Company representatives and labor representatives on all issues. There were many issues in which the meeting was inconclusive due to ambiguity in the statements made by the company representatives and the Superintendent of Labor and the workers not getting their due. On this occasion, Mrs. Geeta Kora said that there will be no compromise on the rights and rights of the workers. In case there is no decision here, these issues will be placed before the ALC. During this time, Mrs. Geeta Kora have with her Sonaram Purati, Dukka Purati, Shibu Chand Lohar, Ram Hembram, Roya Kairam, Mathura Sinku, Sandeep Champia, Ravindra Tiu, Subhash Gop, Tushar Bariq. , Aamir Ansari, Nabab Ahmed, Lakhan Singh, Nitesh Giri, Hajik Ansari, Shabir Hussain, Roshan Naik, Hasanen Ansari, Kanhaiya Jha, Firdaus, Deepak Thakur, Firoz, Bholu Ansari, Nil Raja, Lalia In addition to faith, Jhunu Ghosh, Nadeem government Qadeer etc. A large number of labors were present at Mjadurgn. Mrs. Geeta Kora reached the TPL, Novamundi, to apprise the Assistant Labor Commissioner, Chaibasa with the workers about the demand for minimum wage rate.