Today Diary

Help Family member by Bill bailed at TMH

MP Smt. Geeta Koda and former Chief Minister Mr. Madhu Koda while discussing the area with the workers and villagers who came from Lok Sabha constituency at their residence. Bill bailed at Tata Main Hospital due to efforts of Singhbhum MP Geeta Koda Mother of Prakash Chandra, resident of Shantinagar under Seraikela Assembly constituency, " Mrs. Binay Molvora " was undergoing treatment at TMH for the past several days. He died during treatment. And his bill was very high due to which the hospital management was not leaving the dead body. Information about the family was given to the MP Mrs. Geeta Koda. So he took immediate cognizance of the hospital management and got a grant of Rs. 3,17000- * thousand rupees and got the family dead. Family members expressed their thanks and gratitude to MP Geeta Koda ji for this noble cause. In this work City President Santosh Singh, Rinku Thakur ji, Anamika Sarkar, Bhopu Tiger and Monu Jha were present.